At Integral Osteopathy our aim is to keep things simple so that you can get the best out of each and every session. 

Manual Osteopathy

Each Manual Osteopathic session is approximately 60-minutes long at a rate of $100.

Please note that the first session may be as long as 90-minutes to enable us to establish your goals and expectations and have a complete full assessment.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel a session, 24 hours notice is required in order to allow time to attempt to fill the empty session.

A $60.00 cancellation fee will be charged for no-show appointments and cancellations without 24 hours notice.


Functional Training

 $100 per session

Each session will be approximately 60 minutes duration giving us a chance to properly evaluate any dysfunctional movement patterns and neuromuscular compensations enabling us to find the “true source” of your training problems. At the end you will be given a specific home exercise program to help you reach your full potential.