What is Myofascial Stretching?

For a long time now we believed that we knew how to stretch muscles; however, how do you stretch a muscle when it is sheathed in a leather casing?

Muscles are three dimensional in shape with multiple sites of attachment and fascia is the thin “skin” weaving into and surrounding the muscle tissue “linking” various structures together in a chain that includes the joint or joint capsule.

All the connective tissue in the body is made of water and this water is arranged in microscopic tubules.  Perhaps even more amazing is that the fascia is continuous upon itself… it is one unit.  In order to to stretch a specific muscle, it is better to consider it as the link in a specific chain extending from the toes to the top of the head.  A stretch position will be chosen to precisely solicit the tension of the whole fascial chain in order to correct the specific muscle link.