About Paul

I’m Paul Sherman, owner and therapist at Integral Osteopathy.  I live and work in beautiful Brackendale, BC.

I grew up in Scotland and from an early age competed in BMX racing at an international level and national level skiing.  In 1998 I moved to the European Alps to pursue a career as a ski teacher. Through my passion for teaching ski instructors, I realized that optimum training was not solely achieved by skiing techniques; to really improve performance you had to prepare the body for the sport. With this knowledge, I shifted my training focus, placing more emphasis on fitness and the mechanics of the human body. I enjoyed this aspect so much, I undertook additional training and became a personal trainer and massage therapist, which lead me back to the UK to study Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham, and in 2007 I graduated with a BSc Hons.  During my time at university I was introduced to Osteopathy and its ability to recognizes that much of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormalities and weaknesses in the structures of the body in addition to damage caused to it by disease, and from that point I have been following osteopathic principles ever since, and new one day that I would become a Manual Osteopath.

The during a winter season I had a serious ski accident resulting in several injuries including a very debilitating hip injury.  After the accident I diligently worked on my rehabilitation, but my whole body seemed to be falling to pieces one injury would get slightly better then something else would flair up, basically I was just chasing the pain and what I really needed to do was to treat my whole system systematically to bring it back to a normal state.  This is where I discovered Rolfing and the importance of the fascial system.  From that first session I received I was blown away by the power of the work, so much so I was inspired to study Rolfing and graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

Whilst studying Rolfing many of the teachers kept referring back to the main Osteopathic principle of “structure dictates function”.  It was at this point i realized that everything that I had been learning was connected to Osteopathy so upon graduation I set out on the long road to further my studies and become a Manual Osteopath.  Learning Osteopathy has enabled me to bring to my clients an established and recognized system of diagnosis and treatment that lays its emphasis on the structural integrity of the body based on a tensegrity approach to the spine and limbs working as a whole functional unit. Combing the knowledge of Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and biomechanics with Rolfing allows me to clearly identify and treat the dysfunction within your body returning you to your full potential.

This unique treatment style that I offer here is the same that I have used on Olympic medal winning athletes, office workers, members of the British ski team, moms, professional cyclists and weekend warriors.  So whether you’re a competitive athlete or struggling with a long term muscular skeletal problem, or you suffer from chronic pain or simply want to improve your posture and feel more comfortable in your body your in excellent hands here.