Paul Sherman

Manual Osteopath

Welcomes you to Integral Osteopathy

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Your body will be so glad you are here!

If you’re struggling with a long-term muscular skeletal problem, suffering from chronic pain, looking to improve your athletic performance or simply want to improve your posture and feel more comfortable in your body, I can help.

At FSI, I have a few qualifications up my sleeve; BSc Hons in Physiotherapy from the UK; Certified Rolfer® from the Rolf institute of Structural Integration.   I combine the knowledge brought from these two areas of expertise with Manual Osteopathy to bring you a unique treatment system of diagnosis and treatment that lays its emphasis on the structural integrity of the body based on a “Tensegrity” approach.  This approach focuses on the spine, limbs and everything in-between working as a whole functional unit returning you to your full potential.  

Now breathe a sigh of confidence, as you are about to embark on a physical journey of excellence.